Wearable Ammonite splits now available in our store!
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Wearable Ammonite splits now available in our store!

We are happy to announce that we are now selling Ammonite splits that you can wear anytime, anywhere! Each of our Ammonite splits are all unique to their own - distinct chambering patterns, outer shell colour, iridescence, and suture patterns! They also come in varying chains from handcrafted wooden beads, cords, and varying silver chains. Come to our shop and make sure to get one of these unique products! 

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New sample results from the new legal commercial ammolite mine may dispute the existing theory of the "Blue Zone".

Owner Richard Morgan of the Ammonite Factory with thirty years of experience in ammolite manufacturing has stated that; "In my experience I have noticed that in various regions of Alberta the "Blue Zone" is not isolated to a specific location as previously thought."

Geologist Alison Hepburn P.Geol. confirms that it is possible that the "Blue Zone" in the Bearpaw Formation might be more aerially extensive than previously mapped in Alberta.

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