New Mine and New Fossil

We were at our new mine a few months back and shot a couple of videos while we were there.

So after some mining, we pulled out quite a few amazing pieces of ammolite. 

The following video showcases one of the concretions containing a gem grade ammonite fossil and reveals how it is cracked open to reveal the hidden fossil inside. This fossil still needs to be cleaned up of course, but this is the beginning steps to working on ammolite.

Ammonite and Ammolite... Huh?

These are two very similar words with only one letter difference. Clarification is important in order to understand what is the animal and what is the gem.

Ammonite: This is a prehistoric sea squid that existed anywhere between 400 - 66 million years ago. Their fossilized shells can be found all over the world including areas such as Madagascar, Canada, Russia, the UK, etc. In general, these shells often appear colorless (so white, brown or black). Sometimes, the appearance may even remind the viewer of a "mother of pearl". However, there is usually little or no color. 

From Left to Right: (1) Ammonite fossil - no color, (2) Ammonite fossil - no color, (3) Ammonite Fossil - mother of pearl, (4) Ammonite fossil - split from Madagascar.

Ammolite: This is the gem grade shell of the ammonite and it can only be found within a small corridor in Southern Alberta. While you can find colored shell within the United States as well as some of the other Prairie Provinces, it is often highly degraded and not considered to be gem grade quality.

From Left to Right: (1) Gem Grade Ammonite Fossil, (2) Close-up of Gem Grade Fossil, (3) Sterling Silver Ammolite Pendant, (4) Imperial free-form pendant


So to sum it up, all ammolite is found on ammonite but not all ammonite contain ammolite.

Still confused?

Let's try it this way...  

The image below features an ammonite ... however it is colorless so this is not ammolite. 

The image below this one is an ammonite with ammolite on it... this is often referred to as a gem grade ammonite.

As can be observed there is quite a large color difference when referring to an ammonite compared to a gem grade ammonite.  And that color is called ammolite.

Hopefully that clears up the confusion!

Happy Shopping!!!

Looking Back at 2015; Getting Ready for 2016!

We've had an amazing 2015. It was great to meet and talk to everyone who came in the store. We are sure everyone has their own favorite story to share! Whether that was just talking about life in general or discussing our favorite subject (ammolite of course!!!).

Regardless we figured we would take the time and showcase a few fossils that we sold this past year. We appreciate everyone who chooses to buy from us and those really are the moments that we remember forever.

Can't wait to see what 2016 brings! We know we definitely have a few fossils that are undergoing the last few production steps. Then they are ready to be taken home! And, of course, there is tons of jewelry too!